8 Tips For More Volumized Hair

Volumized Hair

One of the most frequently asked hair questions I always get is ‘how do I get more my volumized hair?’ I wish I could tell you that there is only 1 product that will miraculously pump your locks into the air, but alas. Just like with skincare you have to find the golden combination of products that work for YOUR skin, that is also the case when you are looking for more volume. Hopefully the tips below will help you on your way.

1. Let’s start with the basics: layers or no layers?

Layers aren’t always the golden ticket to a more voluminous haircut. It really varies from person to person. I myself have quite a lot and heavy hair, and for me layers are necessary to provide more volume in my hairstyle. But with my mother, for example, who has very straight hair, layers were not recommended because this could make the whole thing a bit ‘pierced’. So if you have very straight and sleek hair, like my mother, then (too many) layers may not be an option. You can work with layers at the front, but be careful with too many layers at the back. Even if you don’t have too much hair, layers can actually have the opposite effect. So always get good advice from the hairdresser.

2. Volume Shampoo 

Some shampoos (especially those intended for dry/unruly/damaged hair) are enriched with nourishing oils to give your hair extra care. And yes, your hair looks beautifully smooth and shiny after a wash, but such formulas make your hair a bit heavier with volume and sometimes even too smooth, making it more difficult to create volume afterwards.

For this reason, my personal preference is for volume shampoos, because they are specially formulated to keep your hair nice and airy after a wash.

3. Volume spray 

When you have washed your hair, it DEFINITELY helps to apply a volume spray to towel-dried hair, and do this only at the roots. A volume spray ensures that it becomes a bit stiffer at the roots, so that your haircut will by definition stand up more upright while it dries. And certainly if you blow-dry it (upside down) afterwards. It can give serious volumized hair when you need it instantly while heading out!

4. Volume blow-dry

It may not always be good and healthy for your hair, but by blow drying your hair you create much more volume than if you let it air dry. After you have applied volume spray, hang upside down and blow dry. This technique really gives your hair a mega root lift boost!

If you really prefer to let it air dry which is of course much less harmful to your hair, apply volume spray in your hair and then secure and lift it with a large clip. I learned this ‘hack’ from a friend. When your hair dries up in this way, you also create a root lift.

5. Dry Finishing Spray For Volumized Hair

You should already have a lot of volume in your coupe, but you can strengthen this and ‘set’ it at the same time with a Dry Finishing spray. This is actually a kind of hairspray, but then it makes it more stiff than it coats your hair. You also only apply a dry finishing spray to the roots of the hair. Then massage your fingers over your scalp and BAM. Volume!

6. Backcombing

Do you want to create EVEN more volume or are you going to put up your haircut, then backcombing can offer a solution. There are special teasing brushes and combs, but you can also do it with a ‘normal’ comb and even a toothbrush.

Try not to move the brush or comb wildly back and forth, this will only damage your hair, but quietly make so-called ‘steps’: take a section of hair, start about 1-2 cm from the roots, put the backcomb brush or Comb your hair and gently push it down. Then remove the brush or comb from your hair, choose a higher point in your strand of hair and repeat the movement. After about 4 to 5 times you stop and start a new crop. Finally, tidy your hair by brushing it lightly.

7. Hair tools for more volume

You may now be thinking ‘all nice and nice these tips Serene, but I have so little hair on my head that I can’t do anything with them yet’. Fortunately, there are also special hair tools to achieve volumized hair, such as a hair donut or a so-called waterfall clip, with which you can turn even the most pungent hair into a voluminous-looking hairstyle. And otherwise it might also be an idea to get information about hair extensions. There are countless options so there is something for everyone.

8. When everything fails… make curls to get volumized hair!

Curls make for a fuller look and also look super luxurious and glamorous, what more could you want? For example, make curls with the straightener or create a nice stroke with a curling iron, blow dryer brush. If you prefer no heat. Check the steam technology hair tools. 

Simplest hair care can lead to healthy hair with just a little effort, you can save your hair from damaging. Discover easy tips to add to your daily hair care here.