Do you know why your U-zone is acne-prone?

What is U-zone?

Facial zones are divided to target the skin conditions effectively. U-zone is one of the facial zones that have lower sebum secretion as compared to the T-zone. Your cheeks and the jawline is described as the U-zone of your face. If you have an acne-prone U-zone, find out how to treat it in no time. 

There are thousands of sebaceous glands in your skin that are responsible for oil production which appears on the surface of your skin. This process can lead to many skin issues if not treated. Usually, people with oily or combination skin types find their cheeks so shiny due to sebum. It increases the risk of acne breakouts. Be it excess oil production or inflammation or bacteria, they cause acne on the cheeks and your jawline. 

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How to fight Oily U-zone?

Who doesn’t love acne-free, oil-free skin? Everyone? Thought so! Thankfully, we have come so far now with innovative formulas to fight any skin condition. Numerous effective and tested products are available to help you feel confident out there. So don’t let the accumulated oil blow your day. 

How it works is that the oil sitting on your U-zone becomes a source of bacteria to multiply and causes inflamed pimples. The best way is to keep your skin clean and revise your skincare routine if needed. Here is the U-zone skin care regimen you can follow.

  1. Double cleanse your face

Double cleansing is ideal for a breakdown of sebum and other impurities. It is the two-step cleansing for deeper and effective results. First, you should wash your face with an oil-based cleanser to wipe the dead skin cells off your face. 

Secondly, wash your face again with a water-based cleanser (gel/cream) to thoroughly wash off any impurities. I personally recommend double cleansing because it’s super refreshing. The skin is so smooth afterward. 

  1. Toners are effective for acne-prone skin

The skin care regimen is incomplete without toners. For your U-zone acne, this one will work like magic. Toner works to shrink the pores and make them smaller to lock the impurities out. It also adds needed moisture to acne-active skin. Collectively, this is a must-have for your U-zone skincare. 

  1. Apply oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer

Moisturizer on oily U-zone might seem counterintuitive but the oil production contributes in drying the skin and naturally more oil will be produced to balance skin. Therefore, moisturizer is important to help restore the skin’s hydration. Oil-free and non-comedogenic moisture is what you need to control oily U-zone. 

Normally, gel moisturizers are suitable for oily skin types or stuck with humid weather and a lotion is better for normal or combination skin. Though creams are best suited to dry skin. While you are at it, an SPF formulated moisturizer is also a wise choice. It would save you another layer of sunscreen as more products will cause oiliness. 

  1. Cosmetic Clay can help

Cosmetic clay has rich properties when it comes to skincare. The clay masks are very effective in removing impurities. It can only be applied to affected areas though but an extra benefit to your T-zone will be no harm. Use it twice a week at least and see results for yourself.

What you can do extra is stick onto the powder makeup rather than applying liquid products for a while. Once your acne reduces, you are good to get back on track. Powdered makeup products are beneficial though because, unlike liquid products, they will absorb the excess oil. Setting powder is actually designed to minimize shine and oiliness.