Find out what you get wrong about right Mascara

Place the brush at the base of the eyelash whether doing upper eyelashes or lower. Wiggle is back and forth towards the tip of eyelashes whilst ensuring every part is coated evenly.

I kick off my mornings with coffee and while doing so, I keep thinking what to wear, be it any outfit or makeup. I am certain that you can relate to the morning struggles, so why not talk about it? 

Well picking one outfit is no less complicated than putting on makeup everyday but the most cautious I get is while doing my eyes, especially the eyeliner and mascara part. Since I have figured easy simple ways to avoid delays to work, here I am sharing them with you as well. 

I have never been so much into mascara until I came across a few remarkable ones and realized makeup look is incomplete without the lash enhancers. You know what has been even more frustrating than getting mascara all over your eyelids? Finding the perfect mascara that never leaves you with raccoon eyes. Solely it’s not the mascara though that goes wrong but applying the mascara the right way is one task too. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an expensive brand or a cheap one, because all mascaras are not created equal. There is a right way to do any task and that implies on mascara as well. If not, you can end up wasting hours in your bathroom. I know what that’s like. It might sound silly but trust me you will thank me if you follow the steps below.

How to apply mascara the right way?

There’s a reason why mascara is considered a classic makeup staple since it can transform your whole look just in a few swipes. Applying mascara is simple but most of the time people do it wrong. Not far, I have friends who would rush while doing so. Usually mascara brush is designed to cover the lashes to target even the tiny little hair in the inner corner of the eye. Apparently mascara brushes do it all but let’s get to how to apply mascara correctly. Follow a few simple steps to treat your lashes gently. 

  • Start with lash curler

The key to applying mascara is to use a lash curler beforehand. This will help the mascara cling better and lengthen your lashes even further! You should opt for one with a rounded upper pad to get as close to the lash line as possible without pinching.

  • Opt for eyelash primer

Eyelash primer is optional but can work like magic if applied. It is considered a great way to make your mascara last longer but it can also have other benefits. It has the ability to thicken and separate lashes for a more luscious look. If you want tube-free, fuller lashes then eyelash primer is your answer. You can add volume and length while also keeping your natural lashes in tact. It’s waterproof and smudgeproof, so you don’t have to worry about it running or rubbing off. 

  • Apply Mascara

When using the mascara, twist the spoolie brush out of the tube and wipe off the excess product on the edge of the tube without pumping the wand in and out. This step will benefit you to avoid clumpy, too-heavy lashes. 

Place the brush at the base of the eyelash whether doing upper eyelashes or lower. Wiggle is back and forth towards the tip of eyelashes whilst ensuring every part is coated evenly.  With your mascara, the slower you go, the less likely you are to make mistakes. Also, make sure that when applying mascara, you’re looking up. Looking down while applying mascara will cause clumping. 

If you want an even thicker volume, apply more coats before the already applied product dries on your lashes. Repeat until you get the desired look. Also, try to be more careful with lower eyelashes as they are more delicate. I usually use the mascara wand’s tip at the roots. 

  • Clean off extra product

Realistically speaking, mascaras can be messy. It is ideal to always wipe off any excess product with makeup remover and nobody will ever find out. Here is my secret to a perfect volumized lash day. Let me know yours in the comments.