How to Embrace & Treat your Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks

Don’t let your body flaws inhibit your self-confidence. You’re pretty the way you are! It’s about time that you realize stretch marks on thighs, shoulders or anywhere don’t define you. You’re never gonna find out what somebody else might be thinking but here is another perspective. What do you think about others in spite of their flaws? Nothing bad right?! It’s because there is a way to carry your flaws as well. 

Primarily, embracing your stretch marks is an ultimate acceptance that can open the gateway of relief and happiness for you. If you don’t accept them, people won’t! Stretch marks in pregnancy are absolutely normal. Visible swings in weight can also leave stretch marks on thighs and other areas of the body. 

Just to be clear, embracing yourself doesn’t mean that you give up on yourself. Do treat treatable imperfections over a course of required time. Accepting that it is normal will help you be yourself in the company. 

Where do stretch marks come from?

Stretch marks are the scars that appear on your body when it grows rapidly. How do you get stretch marks in the first place? They are common among pregnant women, but can also occur due to sudden weight gain or loss. These stretch marks can appear anywhere but mostly found on tummy, thighs, breasts and shoulders.  

Stretch marks aren’t painful and don’t hurt at all. When you start noticing them appear for the first time, their color must be very visible on your complexion. But overtime, the color fades and settles down with your skin tone. 

How to treat stretch marks? 

Most of the time people just keep looking for treatments and answers to will stretch marks go away? It is only fair to work on it and certainly the answer is YES! Don’t drown yourself into depression, you can get rid of stretch marks. 

It is very difficult to get rid of stretch marks on thighs or tummy naturally but not impossible. You just have to use a blend of natural ingredients that will not only make your skin glow again like stretch marks-free time. It is ideal to start doing that in the early stages for an effective result. 

  • Topical Treatments

Fortunately Hyaluronic Acid and Retinoid (tretinoin & retinol) based products are available and are prescribed to treat stretch marks. They make them less noticeable with regular use. They help by boosting the vitamin A in the body which contributes to the overall appearance. 

It is recommended to start those treatment gels or creams in early stages. They help by rebuilding the collagen in the skin and improve the appearance. With the restored elasticity, you might face some irritation but isn’t that worth the glow? 

Be it the topical application or oral intake of vitamin A, it can help avoid and reduce stretch marks. Vitamin A is basically referred to as the retinoid that keeps the skin youthful so as an extra effort, make sure to add carrots or sweet potatoes in your diet. 

  • Exfoliation

This is one efficient and simple way to get rid of unnecessary stretch marks. It removes the dead skin cell layer from the skin hence lightning the marks and improving your skin in many ways. Exfoliation has numerous benefits when it comes to skincare. You can get rid of stretch marks on thighs or any particular area whilst achieving new skin!

Check out how to properly exfoliate the skin so better results.

How can you prevent stretch marks on thighs?

Preventing the stretch marks from further increasing is an option but if you are concerned to stop getting them in the first place can be tricky. Unless you’re pregnant, weight gain and loss can happen for multiple reasons, others aside, stress is one main reason. If you can work on yourself and maintain your weight, it can be a way to prevent stretch marks

Acceptance might help here that even if stretch marks start appearing on your thighs or breasts or abdomen or arms, it is okay and totally normal. Since we have a wide array of skincare products that can treat every skin condition so cherish little imperfections too. They are just a part of you and don’t affect you in a bad way.