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Keep up with the Eyebrow Trends

Unlike the early 2000’s, thicker eyebrows are in vogue today! In that regard, brow slits have also been popular in 2021. Let’s talk about what your eyebrows need to keep up with the trend. For sure, you can achieve the brows of your dream too with iconic brow kits. Whether you are obsessed with fuller fluffy brows or you need chiselled eyebrow perfection, choose your perfect brow partner from artistic to lingering brands.

Our brow icons like Lily Collins said in an interview that she thinks less is more and she likes to mess her eyebrows up. So has Zendaya, the fashion icon, commented she likes her eyebrows big and thick! I agree with them both because it’s just that fluffy brows have something appealing about them. 

For perfectly shaped, fuller-looking brows, you don’t have to have naturally thick brows or undergoing microblading isn’t the best you can do! In fact, microblading could lead to allergic skin reactions and is painful. Fortunately, there are a dozen best products for your instant brow shaping.

Which products are best?

From the numerous brow products I have used, here are a few to give you eyebrow perfection in no time. 

  • Now Volumising Eyebrow Tint 

Estee Lauder’s brow tint can make on-fleek-brows more than achievable. The innovative brusht instantly styles your brows with volumizing gel. The water resistant formula promises long-wear with fiber-enhanced fills. This tint gives a more natural look than many others. The built-in brush makes the process simple. 

Brush your brows first to separate each hair and then fill it with the strokes. Now blend it evenly with the brush. Works like a charm in no time!

  • Artist Plump & Set Eyebrow Serum

Eyebrow perfection is not as tough as you may think. Right care can enhance your brow look with L’Oréal’s artistic plump is all you need. This gel serum is a must-have as it enhances the hair growth to give you thicker, bigger and bolder brows. The product is a game changer for people with thin eyebrows. The formula contains a powerful Keratin complex to nourish hair follicles. Get yourself real volumized brows.


  • Lingering Brow 

Give your brows a perfect definition with the MAC’s Brow Bundle. The bundle includes a brunette volumizing brow gel and a cool multi-purpose tool with pencil. It allows you to get a professional brow yourself just in a few steps. Shape and blend your brows with the pencil, then add the gel on top. It will give volume to each brow hair separately for a natural fluffy look. 

Eyebrow Slits

Talking about trends, eyebrow slits are going viral in 2021. Well honestly, slits do look super cool. Don’t they? Zayn Malik just nailed the look anyway. He inspired me to want one myself but I had mixed thoughts. Therefore, I fake slitted my brows with the help of a brow kit to see how it would come out. Well I did like it for a little while as it lasted. 

Fake slits are easy and you can make one whenever you want. You must be wondering how to get fake eyebrow slits? Well once you’re done with the eyebrow makeup, just then grab concealer and mark a thin line with a thin brush. It will separate your brows in two. Cover the slit up with setting powder and there you go! Easy breezy brow slits in no double. Do as many as you want. Doubles would look great on thicker ones